Golf at a Royal Copenhagen Golf Course

The Royal Copenhagen Golf Club is situated in Dyrehaven, which is a forest park established by the Danish King Christian V in the late 17th century. The Royal Copenhagen Golf Club is situated in an area of the park from where you have a beautiful view of Eremitage Slottet, which is a royal pleasure and hunting castle from the 18th century.

The golf course follows the natural rolling countryside from a time when the area was farmland. The course was designed by a now unknown Scottish architect and established in 1928. In 2009 Tom Mackenzie, also a Scotsman, redesigned the course and made it more up-to-date. The challenging features besides the wind include the hollows surrounding many of the greens and the heavy rough.

Visiting the Royal Copenhagen Golf Club, you will be playing golf at a historical but modern golf course in beautiful surroundings north of Copenhagen.

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