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A unique and historic golf experience close to the King’s old hunting castle

The Royal Copenhagen Golf Club is situated in Dyrehaven, which is a national park established by the Danish King Christian V in the late 17th century. The Royal Copenhagen Golf Club is situated in an area of the park from where you have a beautiful view of Hermitage Castle (Eremitageslottet) and quite often a lot of free running deer.

As a crown prince, the Danish King Christian V went hunting in France with King Louis XIV, also called the Sun King. Inspired by this experience he had Dyrehaven laid out, so that the grounds could accommodate the special and noble parforce form of hunting. In the process, the village of Stokkerup and the neighboring fields were demolished.

The golf course follows the natural rolling country side from a time when the area was farmland. The course was designed by a, still to date, unknown Scottish architect and established in 1928. In 2009 Tom Mackenzie, also a Scotsman, re-designed the golf course and made it more up-to-date and still very integrated with the natural surrounds. The challenging features besides the wind include the hollows surrounding many of the greens and the heavy rough that we are not allowed to cut.

Visiting the Royal Copenhagen Golf Club, you will be playing golf at a historical and classic golf course in unique surroundings north of Copenhagen.

Play golf among wildlife on one of Denmark’s most beautiful golf courses

Mood images

Mood images

Situational images from the course and the facilities.
The Course

The Course

Images from all 18 holes.

Did you know…

The Hermitage Castle is a royal pleasure and hunting palace from 1736, located in the area Dyrehaven north of Copenhagen. King Christian V used it for his hunting parties. The royal family uses it today at the annual Hubertus hunt.

The golf club are able to arrange tours of the castle for up to 22 persons at a time. The tours take 45 minutes to complete. Contact us by email if your group wishes to combine unique golf with a unique cultural experience.


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