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Markus Westerberg på besøg 18.4.

Som en del af KGK Sociale kalender får vi d. 18.4. kl. 18:00 besøg af Markus Westerberg der på engelsk fortæller om “The Golfers Sixth Sense”. Her kommer et udsnit af de emner som Markus berører i sit foredrag:

What if you could hit it farther, make more putts and find the perfect timing on every golf shot just by understanding the connection between your mind and your golf swing?


Would it make your golf game more enjoyable? Of course!


Markus Westerberg is psychological behaviorist and his specialty is the connection between the golfer’s mind and golf swing. In his first book, The Golfer’s Sixth Sense, he launched groundbreaking concepts like The Lifting Reflex and The Psychomotor Connection.


The Golfer´s Sixth Sense could be called “a study in mental swing mechanics” and since it´s release it has been called “the new mental training.” Markus´ ideas on how your mind affects your golf game are revolutionary and he delivers tips on how you can use your mental capacity to become a better and happier golfer.


Get ready for an exiting evening filled with new knowledge and a good start to your golf season.